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We are an award-winning social justice charity using expertise and lived experiences to empower people who are not getting the help they need.

At Endure, our mission is to provide unwavering support to disadvantaged members of our community. Through empathy-driven initiatives and dedicated efforts, we strive to nurture individuals, offer resources, and empower them to overcome challenges. By fostering a culture of understanding and collaboration, we aim to create lasting positive change and build a more inclusive society for all. 

"I felt extremely privileged to come and watch exactly how the funding was spent."

"I was really inspired by the program . I thought it was really well delivered and the team was fantastic. I felt extremely privileged to come and watch exactly how the funding was spent. You are changing lives in the community and your engagement with young people is outstanding. This work  has to continue. Thank you so much for allowing me to come and witness this incredible work."

Gian Brown , Phoenix Community Housing

"Strong but positive message"

“The program was very informative and delivered a strong but positive message to our students, helping them to understand what is happening around them in the world. The program touched on numerous issues that are affecting the youths of today i.e. the Law and provide them with ways to safeguard against being stereotyped and getting in gangs. Throughout each session you could see the young people searching deep within themselves looking for their true identity and not the one that has been bestowed on them. Many will go on from these lessons that have been taught and will become better people by changing ever so slightly little things in their daily life to go onto greatness."

Paul Dyer , Conisborough College

"The community closet has been a lifeline for me"

"The community closet has been a lifeline for me during tough times. It's not just about the clothes; it's about the support and dignity they provide. Knowing there's a place I can go to get what I need, without judgment, has made all the difference."
Service User 

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